Way With Words Consulting Services offers a wide range of training and workshops to fit the needs of your company or organization. Base Fee for Service is as follows:

Training/Workshop: Half day (up to four hours)

  • Content Review/Education
  • Handouts for an audience of up to five (5) individuals
  • No traveling expenses (Local PA only, up to 50 miles) 

Training/Workshop: Full Day (up to 8 hours)

  • Content Review/Education
  • Prior Planning/Consult with Leadership (1 hour)
  • Handouts for an audience of 10-15 individuals
  • No Traveling expenses (Local PA Only, up to 50 Miles)

Handouts only: $150 (up to 5 pages single-spaced) $250 (up to 10 pages, single-spaced)

*Please note: Handouts cannot be reproduced/copied due to Copyright and Intellectual Property Guidelines*

Spanish Handouts: $20/page up to 350 words per page (English to Spanish/Spanish to English)

Larger audiences and increased frequency of days are available. Considerations for discounts are made based on non-profit status, and enhancement in the appraisal is made depending on the desired length of days and time commitment, amount of materials requested, audience size, and travel accommodations. 

Please utilize the "Contact Us" tab for specific requests for training and workshops unique to your program needs.