Social Impact/Performance Measurement

How do you know if what you're doing is impactful? How do we measure impact and change? We offer services that focus on  the following:

  • Cultural Ecosystem Assessments
  • Community Focus Groups
  • Onsite Reviews and Evaluations
  • Curriculum, Programming, Documentation and Intake Reviews
  • QA/ Assessment/Evaluation Tools

Strategic Communication/Messaging

Successful Communication Strategy Focused on the following elements:
  • Inclusive Audience Targeting and Engagement
  • Content and Key Messaging Consult
  • Identifying Appropriate Mediums
  • Barrier Identification/ Crisis Diversion

Crisis/Change Management

Need a crisis or scandal 'handled'? Looking to reframe, shift, and change problematic behaviors or conditions in the workplace? Way With Words can assist with the following:

  • Response, Resolution, and Recovery Planning and Implementation
  • Workplace/Personnel Conflict Resolution
  • Campaign/ Political PR Messaging and Crisis Diversion

Inclusive Workforce Development 

Hire Way With Words as a thought leader and subject expert on the following aspects of inclusive workforce development:

  • IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access) Training
  • Anti-Racism Accomplice-Focused Training
  • Cultural Competency Assessment (SWOT Analysis)
  • Cultural Ecosystem Assessment and Consult
  • JDEI Hiring and Recruitment Assessment and Consult


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