About Me

Fiordaliza "Ana" White, Owner

Way With Words Consulting Services, LLC

Ana White is a 34-year-old college graduate of Denison University. While in attendance, she received a dual  B.A. degree in Sociology and Education. From an early age, she understood the power of words and influence. Having been a writer her entire life, she utilized her ability to capture any audience through her wordplay in both personal and professional settings. Understanding the need to increase the impact behind words, she developed her skill set as a speaker by increasing her engagement with others on social media forums,  community speaking engagements, and through her radio show platform, The Last Word. 

Ana White is the wordsmith behind some of her hometown's leading non-profit organizations, the editor behind some of the most notable books and speeches, and the illustrator of thoughts for many. She serves as an empowerment strategist, identifying ways to educate others on how to learn, grow, and develop their thoughts and ideas. Her specializations include Mental Health and Cultural Competency.  She has experience in Reentry, as well as Trauma-Informed Care. She is an author and her work has been published in Talk Magazine, Pennsylvania's only African American Magazine. She has also maintained consistent Op-Ed submissions within newspaper outlets including The Patriot-News and Penn Capital Star. She is recognized as a certified Life Coach.  

Message from the Owner" I developed Way With Words as a way to express my thoughts and help others with this oftentimes troubling task. I would consider myself a wordsmith; a gifted writer, thinker, and speaker with the ability to reach into the depths of one's spirit and match feelings with words to create impact.  My love of words spreads across several different arenas; from authoring and editing books or academic writing to developing business plans, presentations, consulting, training, and translation services. My main goal with anything is to make ideas and feelings come to life. I don't believe that words can simply 'do the talking'. One must make them intentionally tell the story."